“What Did You Fail at Today?”

The windows of a boxing gym with the quote "If you never know failure you will never know success" - Sugar Ray Leonard

Imagine if you were asked this question at dinner every evening?

Imagine if the conversation around your dinner table was exploring the ways you had failed that day, what you’d learned, and what you plan to do differently?

How might your perception of failure be different?

What would be different if you had experienced the normalization this question imparts rather than felt the accusatory sting of the “f-word”, we all know so well.

Sara Blakely, the entrepreneur who founded the revolutionary brand Spanx, was asked this question by her father every night. It shaped her beliefs around failure, namely that failure is part of a natural process which, if followed, leads to more excellent knowledge, sounder experiences, and eventual mastery.

Success never occurs without failure.

So, why are so many of us crippled by the failures in our lives?

Maybe it is time to reframe the topic and ask a different question.

I’ll ask you again, “What did you fail at today?”

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Complimentary Coaching Conversation

After a public shaming over a business mistake, I lost everything. Over the next four years, I fought my way back to hope, joy, and a vision for the future. Today, my mission is to help others who, just like me, had been knocked to the ground by personal or professional failure.

Each month, I create a handful of opportunities to show up for hurting individuals who are serious about radically changing their life. I provide judgment-free conversation that helps you stop feeling like a failure.

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