Is It Too Late? An Old Dog, A New Vision, and Powerful Purpose.

Recently I read a statement by a prominent business coach that “coaching saves lives.” Part of my brain said, “yea, we do,” but another part said, “Well, that’s a nice attention-grabbing toss-away line intended to grab attention, clicks, and likes.”

He said, “More marriages break up over the lack of money than for lack of love. Business failures lead to personal ruin, destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides, and, unfortunately, far more. As good business coaches, we save marriages, families, and kids from self-destruction. We save lives!”

Sobering observations and a lot of truth wrapped up in those words.

His words are much more than an attention grab.

They track the storyline of my life.

While I remain committed not to allow myself to dwell on the “what-ifs, could-haves, or should-haves” of life, I can discern (a new word which I am very fond of) essential life lessons and double-down on my commitment to not make the same mistakes again. 

In this light of learning, I can reflect on the mess I made of my past attempts at business and wholeheartedly wish I’d had access to some of this life and business-saving coaching. Things may have been different.

Not to say there were not good moments, but on the whole, I didn’t know what I was doing. Rather than ask for help (how uncool), I kept on a path that led me to financial ruin, two close calls with suicide, and more damaged relationships than I wish to consider.

The good news is that I did learn. I learned my lessons, dug my way out of the mess I’d made (I’ll be cleaning up after that mess for years to come), became a student (formal and informal) of life and business principles, and now am a certified coach with a growing, financially solvent small business. 

I also have a new focus. 

I help businesses (and their owners) increase revenue and profits. And yes, starting with my own, I help save lives.

My coaching practice has a new look, along with this expanded focus, which I’ve been excited to share with you…and then a problem.  For reasons the developer can’t fully explain, the new site hit a roadblock with Google. It is currently flagged as a “dangerous site,” and you are prevented from opening the site or its links on some services. 

All week I’ve crossed my fingers that the fix would be accomplished…but with less than an hour to go, it doesn’t appear to be happening.

So, watch for the new site reveal for Pinetree Partners next week. 

Now back to our regular programming. 

Some of you might be curious to learn more about the core of this new focus, and I am glad you asked! 

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you know that running a business is not just about making money. It’s about building a livelihood, creating opportunities, and supporting families. It’s about more than just numbers on a balance sheet. It’s personal. It’s your “big why.” But the reality is that many businesses fail, and the consequences, as I’ve noted earlier, are devastating. Marriages break up, families suffer, and lives are ruined.

Because when businesses succeed, families thrive, communities flourish, and people have the opportunity to live fulfilling lives. That’s why as a business coach, I aim to help entrepreneurs and business owners survive and thrive. By implementing proven strategies for revenue and profit growth, we can not only save businesses but also save lives.

In the coming weeks, I will share twelve principles for adding revenue and profits to any business. You’ll also catch much of it here and in my new LinkedIn series, The Business Turnaround. 

Part of my recovery from the wreckage of my past has been formal and informal education. The informal came in the hundreds of books I’ve read, webinars I’ve taken, and teachings I’ve consumed. 

The formal stuff is certifications in coaching I’ve tasked myself with completing (3 done to date and more on the way). 

What I’ve discovered is the bedrock of business principles. You know, rock-solid truth, right for any business. These principles have been proved through years of testing with small businesses and entrepreneurs, and they generate results. 

The best part? These strategies can be implemented without increasing your advertising or marketing budget, making them accessible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

Stick around. Over the coming weeks, I will provide a comprehensive and actionable guide for business owners ready to turn their businesses around. 

As a business owner, your time is precious, and you need strategies to implement efficiently and effectively. This practical and results-driven series focuses on minimizing the time it takes to see tangible outcomes.

Today business owners face unprecedented challenges. Market conditions constantly change, and traditional marketing and advertising methods may be less effective. But that doesn’t mean you must give up on your dreams or sacrifice your financial stability. With the right strategies, you can overcome these challenges and achieve your desired success.

So, if you need help generating leads, attracting clients, and increasing your bottom-line revenue and profits, this series is for you. Together, we’ll explore powerful business growth strategies that have the potential to transform your business and change lives. From generating leads to dominating your market, we’ll cover it all. I invite you to join me on this journey as we unlock the secrets to business success and positively impact lives, families, and communities. Stay tuned for the first principle in the coming weeks, and let’s embark on this business turnaround journey together!

Complimentary Coaching Conversation

After a public shaming over a business mistake, I lost everything. Over the next four years, I fought my way back to hope, joy, and a vision for the future. Today, my mission is to help others who, just like me, had been knocked to the ground by personal or professional failure.

Each month, I create a handful of opportunities to show up for hurting individuals who are serious about radically changing their life. I provide judgment-free conversation that helps you stop feeling like a failure.

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