Self Care

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First Mother’s Day After Losing Her to Alzheimer’s

I cried for the whole woman who now resides in the memories of the hundred or so people at her funeral. I cried a bit out of respect for her life, independent of mine, for her friends, passions, accomplishments, joys, and fears. I cried for muddy ground at her graveside and for my Dad, weak from life and caring, standing at attention as the Doxology cracked the mist and her casket was lowered to its place of rest.

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My Decision-Making Super-Power is Not What You May Think

When I left you last week, I was standing in the basement of my 200-year-old house, with water falling through the floorboards after a pipe above my dining room ceiling burst.   Waves of panic, fear, and anxiety rose as rapidly as the water dancing around my ankles. A decision is required, but which path …

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Cut Through the Chatter

…the point of this note is not to spin into full-on sci-fi mode but instead to wonder out loud. If we are surrounded by coursing waves of energy and are inundated by the voices in our heads (if you are like me, the rivers of inner dialogues run wild), how do we stand a chance at cutting through the clutter?

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