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The Big Lie: Giving Must Hurt

Then comes a discussion of ethics, or our shared capacity for reason and empathy. It’s this capacity which enables us to make decisions based on what is right and wrong. Ethics is the framework that guides us in making decisions, and doing the right thing should be the minimum we expect from each other—giving included.

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A Burst Pipe and My Big Fat Maine Decision

Standing in the basement with water splashing everywhere, I felt panic inch it’s way up my spine. I was conscious of a decision requiring my attention. It was even more important than the calls I was planning to my insurance agent and contractor. The decision demanding resolution was….

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Positive Intelligence + What Would Jimmy Carter Do?

It was late in the 1950s, and a Navy officer, fresh out of Annapolis, was hours into an interview with the admiral who single-handedly created the world’s first nuclear Navy through sheer willpower and determination. No one worked on one of his atomic subs who had not survived one of his interviews….

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