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A lineup of Weeble toy's

Weebles Wobble & Sometimes Life Sucks

Friday was anything but perfect. I got angry, cried a bit, and was frustrated up the wazoo, but in the end, I circled back to the idea that this was happening, or to be more specific, had happened. And all my whining would never change it.
Far better to weigh in on empathy, curiosity, creativity, and focused action (those Sage traits I’ve talked about). So, I leaned in that direction.

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Close up image of a striped cat with green eyes.

Teaching a Cat to Bark…And Other Life Goals

Have you ever taught a cat to bark?

It’s a very involved process.

You will spend weeks, months, and years diligently repeating your instructions to the cat, “I need you to bark.” You may even demonstrate to your feline companion the exact sound you desire them to produce.

Morning, noon, and night you will drill the cat, using various intonations for more significant impact but always returning to the primary request, “Bark.”

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Pair of hands extended holding small yellow flower, as if a gift

The Big Lie: Giving Must Hurt

Then comes a discussion of ethics, or our shared capacity for reason and empathy. It’s this capacity which enables us to make decisions based on what is right and wrong. Ethics is the framework that guides us in making decisions, and doing the right thing should be the minimum we expect from each other—giving included.

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