"I Found Life After Failure..."

I coach high-achieving business owners, paralyzed by setbacks and failure, to emotionally thrive
and financially prosper

Is Happiness Elusive?

Are You Overwhelmed with Setbacks and Failures?


Have job loss or a business failure devastated your self-worth, obliterating your vision of the future?


Has a shattered relationship or messy divorce left you frozen by fear and self-doubt?


Has public disgrace or shaming driven you to become invisible at work, school, or online?

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No Stranger to Failure

James Swan Business &Personal Development Coach

I know the pain of perching on a roof, 17-floors above the Sunset Strip, thinking I could stop the pain of failure by stepping off the ledge. The bankruptcies and business losses, the public shaming and disgrace, the financial fears, the addiction, divorce, and all sorts of co-dependency, self-worth, and body-image issues were too much to handle.

Surviving failure’s darkest moments has prepared me to coach those ready to leave the pain behind and launch into a new level of success, contentment, and happiness. While I identify with the pain, I also know the exhilaration of connecting with restored hope and possibilities.

A life far beyond your wildest dreams is possible once you leave failure and setbacks behind. Are you ready to begin that journey?

Are You Ready for Your Next Great Success?

Signature Coaching Program

Moving from setbacks to success begins with increasing your level of mental fitness. If you believe working out at the gym helps build a strong body, imagine discovering the power of a mental workout to quiet the dark voices in your head.  People stuck in lackluster lives are held back by judgmental voices they can’t silence. Intercepting those negative voices, through the practice of Positive Intelligence, leverages the mind’s built-in empathy, curiosity, creativity, calm, and clear-headed action to move you powerfully into a new options. Without judgment or distractions,  I support you each step of the way. To learn more  about a spot in my private coaching program, click the button below.

Ready to Move Into Your Full Potential?

The Next Three Steps Are Yours to Take


Are you ready to exchange your pain for unlimited possibilities?


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